4 months of updates coming up

Every year I end up falling off this thing. Meg’s Facebook pretty much captures every moment in almost real time, and we get so busy it’s hard to sit down and recap everything and resize photos etc… But I’m still trying to get it done.

For what it’s worth, in the last 4 months Parker has turned 4, she’s started a new school, and her speech has really improved.

SC had their “once in 1,000 years” flood, which we fortunately escaped from unscathed, although many friends and neighbors were not so lucky. We worked to donate and deliver items to people in need, and got the kids involved with it a bit. They’re still a little young to fully grasp what’s going on.

Brenna is doing very well in Kindergarten, and will be turning 6 in TWO DAYS. Whoa.

The 10th anniversary of Thanksgiving in the Park happened! I really thought we were going to have to cancel it due to the flood, but Parks and Rec said the park was open. It was still flooded in our normal area though, so it was just moved closer to the park front. We primarily focused on “survival packs” of clothing items this year, and distributed lots of scarves, socks, feminine products, and of course food to people. It was a great time.

Christmas was a blast with kids this age, although their behavior was so bad in the 2-3 weeks leading up to it I nearly took everything back and canceled it. MAN, was I this bad leading up to “the big day?” It was like they lost every manner and kind bone in their body. But it also more or less seems to have passed.

New years was great, and we got a break from the rain long enough to shoot some fireworks. I didn’t buy much – some sparklers, some spark fountains and two big booming explodey-things. Good enough for us.

My computer blew up and the parts that still worked I’ve put into a computer for Brenna for her birthday. That does make updates harder than normal, but I’ll try to be more on top of it when my replacement bits get here.

Happy New Year everyone. I look forward to 8 months of updates, and falling off at the end again. lol…


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