2nd day of Kindergarten. The tooth fairy.

Man, what a week! School started up for Parker of course, and Brenna is in Kindergarten. She’s also had a wiggly tooth for the last 2 weeks and on Friday it would just lay flat in her mouth. “We should just pull it,” Meg and I suggested. Brenna took a little more convincing but reluctantly agreed to let me pull it. I told her it would maybe feel like a little pinch, and hurt less than a shot. “I don’t even cry at shots!” she exclaimed (and is also true), and I think that built up her bravery.

I handed her some gauze, took some myself and started to reach for her mouth….. and she backed out. “No worries. If you’re not ready, we’ll do it tonight or tomorrow.” But about 5 minutes later she came to me with the gauze back in her hand and said “ok, I want to do it.”

On the count of three… 1, YOINK! (a little trick my dad taught me) and the tooth was out. There was literally no resistance and I don’t even think Brenna realized the tooth was out until I told her we were done and showed it to her. She went to school with a new hole in her mouth and a big goofy smile.

Bren fell asleep early on Friday, and the tooth fairy brought her TWO shiny gold dollar coins.

What a big week!

blog_tooth - Copy


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