2nd day of Kindergarten. The tooth fairy.

Man, what a week! School started up for Parker of course, and Brenna is in Kindergarten. She’s also had a wiggly tooth for the last 2 weeks and on Friday it would just lay flat in her mouth. “We should just pull it,” Meg and I suggested. Brenna took a little more convincing but reluctantly agreed to let me pull it. I told her it would maybe feel like a little pinch, and hurt less than a shot. “I don’t even cry at shots!” she exclaimed (and is also true), and I think that built up her bravery.

I handed her some gauze, took some myself and started to reach for her mouth….. and she backed out. “No worries. If you’re not ready, we’ll do it tonight or tomorrow.” But about 5 minutes later she came to me with the gauze back in her hand and said “ok, I want to do it.”

On the count of three… 1, YOINK! (a little trick my dad taught me) and the tooth was out. There was literally no resistance and I don’t even think Brenna realized the tooth was out until I told her we were done and showed it to her. She went to school with a new hole in her mouth and a big goofy smile.

Bren fell asleep early on Friday, and the tooth fairy brought her TWO shiny gold dollar coins.

What a big week!

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Kindergarten and “Big Girl” pre-school

I guess it’s official now – my girls are “big girls.”

Meg and I woke Brenna up this morning and she turned over with a giant smile on her face, “Is it time for school?!” she asked excitedly. “Almost honey, let’s get up and have breakfast,” we laughed.

Brenna has been waiting for this day for weeks and she’s so excited. Meg put her in a special dress, picked for this day and she was ready in the morning before I’d even gotten in the shower.

Parker was a little harder to convince to get up (as is nearly always the case), but once she got going, she was super sweet. She’s already started back, so she was a little less excited about her school day, but she too was very happy for Brenna’s big day.

We dropped Parks off with little trouble (although she decided she was “shy” as I was leaving and wanted to velcro herself to my legs). Ms. Priscilla pulled her off me with the strength that only teachers have, and carried her to class. There was no crying or fussing; I think Parker just wanted to put on show.

Brenna walked with us right to her room, and got down to business. She introduced herself to her classmate who was reading with the teacher, and sat down beside her ready to “read” along. I had to get her back up to take a few photos and get some extra kisses in before Meg and I went to work… and that was that. Our child started school. No tears, no fears. Just absolute pure excitement.

They both had a great days from what we can tell. Parker played with a dragon and went outside and “didn’t get in trouble OR sent to time out!” Brenna read books and played with new kids and seems to be very happy. Oh, and her best friend/boyfriend Daniel is in her class, so that certainly makes things an easier transition.


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see ya next time!



Big News All Around

Well, here we are… Summer’s ending, so I’m told (though I wish someone would inform the weather). Parker and Brenna spent all summer in gymnastics camp, which has been wonderful. They’ve done very cool activities and had a safe outlet for all that energy. And boy, how much their rolls, tumbles, and flips have improved! And they’re both so strong now.

Parker picks preschool back up tomorrow, and we’ve picked a special outfit for her “first day.” She’s excited, and we’ve talked about it, but I don’t think she understands yet that Brenna won’t be there with her. Wish us luck on that front. She does NOT like it when she feels Brenna is doing things she’s not allowed to do yet.

And Brenna… Wow, Brenna is about to start Kindergarten. I can’t believe this time is already here! Her first day is Thursday, and with gymnastics closed tomorrow Meg and I are splitting half days to spend time with her on the last day of vacation. That should be fun. Zoo? Museum? Video games? Haircuts and shopping? Who knows?!

On top of starting school, Brenna also has her very first loose tooth! She’s constantly wiggling it and showing it off. It’s a very big deal, and she’s incredibly excited about it. I think the Tooth Fairy is more exciting to her than school is. But a magic fairy that brings you money does sound FAR cooler than reading books I suppose!

We should have new pictures soon with the coming days school events. I’ll be sure to post them asap. I promise!

Until next time,