Late July update

Summer goes on, and the girls continue to grow, surprise, and delight.

About a month ago I started a free-form story with Brenna and Parker. Each night I would make up a story on the spot involving two little princesses, conveniently named Brenna and Parker. I would present them with some loose story ideas and have them make decisions about what the princesses did, and I’d make up the next part of the story. They met a dragon, made friends with mermaids, turned into mermaids (wow!), defeated a mean giant shark, and generally disobeyed every order their parents made of them to make it all happen. This was all a test to see if they would remember night to night what happened and be interested in continuing the tale. They were, and so we did. It was great fun for all of us.

Because of this success, and because Brenna is going to Kindergarten soon we started reading long books with her. In addition to her reading us simple stories like Pete the Cat, Meg has been reading her Roald Dahl’s The Witches (the guy who wrote Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). It’s been great because it’s a longish book for a 5-year old, and a scary one (witches hate children and turn them into MICE!), and she’s so excited to hear it each night. Meg’s done a great job making sure there’s always time to read.

We’ve bought all of Brenna’s school supplies except for headphones, which I need to get from Amazon some time soon. Apparently there’s been some shake-up at Parker’s pre-school being bought by some corporation who took away their toys and wall decorations and videos, because nothing sparks a child’s imagination like no toys or playtime, and blank white walls! We’re obviously hoping this is all just to prepare to bring something new in, but there’s a lot of concern going around. I’d hate for some jackass finance guy to ruin the great thing they had going.

What else is going on … Oh, Moonie bought us a smoothie maker about 6 weeks ago and we’ve literally used it every day since. I bought it with us on vacation even. Fruit smoothies, breakfast smoothies, dessert smoothies, protein smoothies for me, etc… it’s been awesome. Other than the fridge, it’s the most used thing in our kitchen. We all love it.

And finally…. Brenna loves boiled peanuts. I mean, a lot. Like, don’t leave her unsupervised around boiled peanuts. Which is fine with me, since I also love them and now I have someone to eat them with. Woohoo!

Seriously, this girl can put back some boiled peanuts

Seriously, this girl can put back some boiled peanuts. Both plates are hers, and hers alone.

Alright, that’s it. See y’all next time.



1 Comment

  1. Barry lide said,

    July 25, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    You and meg are awesome parents to your daughters. Love these updates. Keep it up!!💕

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