July 10 2015

Hello no one! It’s good to talk to you again.

Boy, Summer is in full swing. The kids are out on summer vacation and we enrolled them in an active daycare at their new gymnastics place, Brussell’s Gymnastics. They love it! They do regular summer fun things (pizza Fridays, water balloons, chalk drawings), but also get to have gymnastics classes and lots of play time. Brenna is getting so good at her flips and Parker is insanely strong and has an amazing jump!

Here they are at gymnastics where they got to put their hand prints up on the wall!


We also recently got to go to Moonie’s Mountain Farm with some friends and their kids. It was a big time all around! It’s been a long time since Meg and I went on a vacation with another couple, and the kids got to have their friends there to play. It was great! 3 days of swinging, walking in the creek, grilling, boardgames, fishing, exploring, and riding the ATV.

IMG_20150628_105542-01 IMG_20150625_165623-01 download_20150625_153429

July 4th went by uneventfully. We bought American flag plates, cups, napkins, little head bobbers and such and did a veggie tray, meat and cheese plate, pigs in a blanket and other quick finger foods. Of course there were fireworks, and Brenna actually enjoyed them this year. When she thought they were a bit loud she never fussed, she just stepped inside to watch from the window. Parker was unsure of the sparklers (I think she remembered being burned last year when she touched the end), but by the end of the night she held one and flexed both arms in the air and declared herself a “BIG GIRL!”

We went to IHOP and had pancakes the next morning, as is our tradition established by Brenna any time there are fireworks. It was a great day.

As Summer begins to wind down, Meg and I are beginning to feel the reality setting in that Brenna is going to be going to Kindergarten soon. I can’t believe how excited and nervous I am! I don’t think it’s really hit Brenna yet, but she seems to be excited about it. It will be a big change, and probably the first real step out of her comfort zone in a long time.

Parker continues to grow and hold VERY STRONG OPINIONS on a myriad of topics like a 3-year old does. Her vocabulary is quite large, and her speech is getting clearer. She’s a bundle of energy and love, and still an absolute spitfire at times.

I guess that’s it for now. We’ll talk to myself again, soon.




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  1. Barry lide said,

    July 11, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    Love the blog. It has been too long since the last update. 💜

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