So busy

Ok, it’s been 4 months. Crazy times. What’s been going on? The short version…

1) Brenna turned 5. I managed to write a post about that.

2) We had a great Easter dying eggs with the kids and hunting them with the family. Great times with Nannie and Papa.

3) Meg turned 38 in April. We had a nice dinner out, went shopping, and had dessert and coffee at the pub. It was a very relaxed, very good time.

4) It’s Spring now, and with it comes cleaning, yard work, grilling, festivals, and recitals!

We’ve spent time at friends’ houses letting the girls play. We had the girls’ VERY FIRST SLEEP OVER!! It was with their cousin Adelyn, and overall I think it went pretty well. They’ve been asked to do another one with their across-the-street friend soon, so that’s exciting. They’re growing up so fast.

Brenna still likes¬†Pokemon (though its luster is fading it seems), and Parker continues to challenge our ability to provide relevant toys by constantly discovering TV shows from the 90s and early 2000s. If I hear “LET’S GO HORSELAND! GITTY UP GITTY UP!” one more time I might just break as a human being.

In addition to dance and gymnastics, Brenna has taken up the violin! Parker is quite jealous, but at 3 is still just too young to take on another hobby like that.

We try and have boardgame time as a family once a week, which has been mostly going well. Parker’s attention span wanders, but we don’t push it and let her wander off and come back as she needs to. She’ll get there soon enough. Brenna seems to be as obsessed with “the rules” as her daddy, and will make a wonderful rules lawyer one day with her friends (look, someone has to do it, or games are utter chaos!)

Flickr hasn’t been updated in a while, so one of these days I’ll get a few hundred photos uploaded. In the meantime, I’ll add a few in a follow up post.

Love y’all.



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