One for me…

This is not a family update. Today the trailer for the new Jurassic Park movie came out. While I’m not terribly excited about it, it did immediately make me remember the original, and its incredible soundtrack. So I wanted to share the main title theme, because it’s possibly the best theme John Williams ever composed, and John Williams wrote some of the most impressive movie themes in history. It sets up the film wonderfully; the mystery, the majesty, and the tragedy. Just perfect.

Set aside 8 minutes and enjoy.


Brenna the tree hugger

We have a few weeping willows in our neighborhood, and there is one Brenna has always been obsessed with. She asks about it, she can’t wait for it to turn green again, she makes up stories about magic weeping willows that are purple with pink flowers, and although she hasn’t done this in a little while, she used to say “daddy… a weeping willow is coming up!” as we drove through the neighborhood.

Anyway, yesterday on our walk she finally got to live her dream and give her special tree friend a hug and a kiss.


Halloween spooktacular 2014

This is sort of a short post today. I mostly just wanted to show off some photos of the kids at Halloween.

Each year we take the kids to trick or treat at Riverbanks Zoo. This year we did it early to avoid the long lines and crowds that always show up the closer it gets to Halloween. Plus, it spaces out the candy and costumes a bit and the kids really get to make a bigger deal out of Halloween than just a few hours on one day. (click to expand photos).

The kids love it, there are activities for everyone to do like the foam pit for kids, a kids dance area, a magic show, roasting marshmallows, etc… and sometimes you get to see some animals before dark.


Hello, awake Koala!


trick or treat, flamingo.

Anyway, after a few days to settle down from Boo at the Zoo it’s actually Halloween. We always take the kids to Nannie and Papa’s to run around in their neighborhood because it’s (usually) more active than ours. Plus it lets the kids show off their costumes to the grandparents, which is really more what it’s about.

Trick or treating with Nannie

Trick or treating with Nannie

I loved this decoration.

I loved this decoration.

I broke with tradition from being a pirate (or the Red Skull, which Brenna requested I be last year for some reason), and utilized my beard to the best of my ability. It’s not quite long enough, but it got the point across. Also I went to work like this and wore it almost all day. I even won a costume contest. BAM! Have I mentioned I love Halloween?

me as Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

me as Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

The day after Halloween we headed to the beach… but that post is coming soon…