Happy 3rd birthday, Parker

Well, today’s the day. About 3 hours ago Parker “officially” turned 3 (at 6:29 pm). She’s grown so much!

We had a gathering of friends and family at 7 Oaks Park on Sunday to kick things off. Lots of her friends came by, and lots of Meg and my friends came by with their kids, and of course in town family. It was a beautiful day, and the kids got to run around and play to burn off some of that pizza and cake and soda.

party cake

And then today I took off work to spend a special day with her on her birthday. Unfortunately Meg couldn’t get off work, but that’s because she’s taking the girls to the beach in a week, so I think Parker will forgive her. 😉

I planned to start the day at EdVenture, but I learned as we prepared to leave that they’re not open on Monday. Blah. So we went to Monkey Joes instead, and Parker had an absolute blast. I’m really sorry that MJs is closing on November 2, because it’s a really fun place for kids to play. Oh well, there will be other things. Maybe that trampoline park!

Then it was birthday lunch at Wendy’s and a nap, followed by a trip to Riverbanks Zoo and back to 7 Oaks Park to slide.

birds tortoise us smile

At home we had our regular dinner, and a special cupcake for Parks and sang happy birthday again. Lots of phone calls, lots of love.


Thank you all for giving our fairy princess a very special day.





1 Comment

  1. Barry said,

    October 28, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    Love all the pictures. She is a cutie. !

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