We’re still here….

So go back and read my first post. I wondered about the fate of this blog, “…like most blogs, will it simply fade away when we get too busy or tired to keep it going?”

Well.. with two active kids, two cats, a dog (hey, we got a dog!), and jobs, etc… guess what’s been happening this last year+?

The thing is, I see a lot of people each week. I give verbal updates. Meg posts to Facebook. I still upload photos to Flickr. This blog became somewhat redundant because it’s so easy to post a photo to social media, say “we’re having a great time doing ” and move on.

But somehow I feel like that might be cheating a bit. I honestly feel really bad about posting so much for Brenna in the early blog days when we had more time (and less fancy phones and Facebook), and so little for Parker’s updates because of the speed of life and moving to other formats. Parker is about to turn 3, and she was a year and a half the last time I said something. The blog also gave me a chance to talk about things that weren’t just highlights, but other “day in the life” things like the dead HVAC or dead TV. It gave me time to organize my thoughts on occasion, and made me open up in ways I normally don’t.

So I guess I miss it, and what I meant it to represent – slices of life from our family as it grows and changes. And instead of sitting around missing it, I think I’m going to give it another shot. At least until I feel I find a way to bring it to a natural conclusion, and not just abandon it.

I’ll try to keep them short, and more frequent. If anyone is still there, hello again. If not, then this is a weird exercise in talking to myself.


1 Comment

  1. Bill and Barry said,

    October 22, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    Keep it going. I love hearing from you and have missed your posts.

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