Halloween 2012

Ahh.. Halloween. Probably my favorite time of year honestly. Dressing up, playing pretend, acting like a kid, getting candy! Pretty awesome stuff. While (in my world) Greek Fest is the herald of the Fall season, Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.

Last year Parker was born mere days before Halloween and didn’t really “participate” at all, what with all the crying and eating and pooping and sleeping that goes on after being delivered into the world. But this year… HAH! This year was different. Parker was one and she could walk and do all sorts of things!

Brenna told us starting around late July that she would be dressing up as a ladybug for Halloween, and Parker would be a butterfly. We thought that was adorable and promptly forgot about it because as a 2 year-old this was definitely going to change… except it didn’t. Every few weeks we would be reminded,

“Fo Halloween, I’m gunna be a wadybug! And Pawkah is gonna be a butterfwy!”

(or some version of kid-speak, but that’s pretty close). So when the Halloween store opened, that was our goal. Finding a ladybug costume for Brenna was super easy. Finding the butterfly costume proved near impossible. We went through pages of costumes with Brenna looking for a replacement for Parker and she decided she could wear a bat costume instead.

BOO! I'm a bat!

BOO! I’m a bat!

Brenna got to wear her costume to daycare for their Halloween event, and we dressed them both up for Boo at the Zoo at Riverbanks Zoo. On the big day we took them both to Nannie and Papa’s to trick or treat in their neighborhood.

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Brenna was significantly less shy this year than last year, and she even walked up to the “scary house.” (A house that really does Halloween up – witches, cauldrons, music, fog, a graveyard, etc…). She was a little scared afterward, but I picked her up, told her it was cool and funny and she agreed and gave me a high five. A little reassurance goes a long way.

Parker is still a little young to really “trick or treat” so she mostly came along for the ride in the wagon, but she had an absolute blast. She’s so happy and social! She was laughing and waving and grabbing at Brenna’s wings all night, when she wasn’t fiddling with the bat hood on her head that kept falling down.


Love you…

... Now gimme your wings!

… Now gimme your wings!

It was a great night for the kids, and a great night for Daddy to spend with them, since I love Halloween so much. I hope they grow up with the same love for this silly costumed celebration that I have.

A pirate, a ladybug and a bat

A pirate, a ladybug and a bat


Plus we totally went to the pumpkin patch! If you missed it, it’s in this previous post about Fall

Ok! See ya next time.




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