Parker’s 1st birthday

At the end of October we celebrated Parker’s 1st birthday. The 27th actually fell on a Saturday, so we had our party then. Meg and I rarely have this many people over because it gets crowded quickly, but hey – we’re family! We’re ok with that!

Our friends Debra and Alex made it over for about an hour at the start before they had to leave for family matters. It was great to see them. We got to hang out a few weeks later and play some board games and catch up. We hope to do that again once their baby is born and things settle down (lol, settle down…).

Meg, Parks, Debra & Alex

Meg, Parks, Debra & Alex

We had a nice crowd of family as well: Nannie & Papa, Moonie & Fad, Tracey, Hayden, Courtney, Bo, Jennifer, Brooks & Adelyn, and of course Meg, Brenna, Parker and me.

This was really Parker’s first “gift opening” since she was all of 2 months old last Christmas. She got into it pretty quickly and enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with her gifts.

For me?

For me?



Bo was very kind to think of Brenna and brought her a little gift as well. She was very happy and gave him a big thank you.

Brenna hugs are good hugs

Brenna hugs are good hugs

We had pizza, drank a beer or two (or three…), watch Marcus Lattimore injure his leg again (in what I suspect is his last game for the Gamecocks), and then we had cake! Parker wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but she eventually sort of got it. And by “got it” I mean smeared it all over her body, more or less completely missing her mouth, and later breaking out in a rash from the dye. But that faded quickly and caused no discomfort. She was still happy, smiley Parks.

Not sure if want.....

Not sure if want…..



It was a very fun day, and we all settled in for a nap afterward.

Parker continues to grow so fast over these last two months since then that it’s almost like looking at a different baby going back through these photos. She’s much sturdier on her feet, she’s given to fits of laughter and playfulness, running away with shoes and socks, or just this morning giggling as she ran away when I tried to put her coat on her.

There are many more updates to come in the next week or so, as I try and catch everyone up on the last two months before we close out the year. Stay tuned!

Love you all!



1 Comment

  1. barry Lide said,

    December 14, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Great blog. Thanks for the pictures. It was a fun day for all of us. Love yall too.

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