Welcome, Fall

So it’s Fall and that means it’s “Festival Season!”

We missed the Latin Festival downtown, which is a lot less this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

And a lot more this:


I was a little bummed because I think Brenna would have really enjoyed it, but there’s always next year.

But we did make it to Greek Fest (I managed to go several times!), Italian Fest, and of course a trip to the SC State Fair.

The fair was a BIG DEAL this year for Brenna because it’s the first year she’s actually been able to ride any of the attractions. We went on a simple “round and round” ride, a bee ride that rises up in the air, the ferris wheel, and the giant (kids) slide. Oh, and we got to ride an elephant! The fair was also a big deal for Parker because it’s her first Fair! Yay!!

Learning to drive

Riding a ride with mommy

Parker enjoying her first Fair donut and just looking silly

Brenna called him “Floppy” after the elephant in The Wonder Pets.

Yesterday we decided to head out to the pumpkin patch. I didn’t realize this even existed, but one of Meg’s co-workers clued us in. It’s out in Lexington and it’s called the Clinton-Sease Farm. They have a corn maze (actually they have like 3 corn mazes), a bunch of fun agricultural exhibits like wooden tractors you can climb on (almost all of them have a slide to get down), a big castle/fort with swings, a big 40-foot slide, and of course the pumpkin patch. Apparently they also have a haunted house of sorts, and they run the corn maze at night with flashlights, which I think could be a really great time for adults, but not so much for kids.

Top of the slide about to go down

Exiting the slide… this thing was FAST! Brenna loved it.

I want one for myself…. this thing was awesome.

Parker in the pumpkin patch

Brenna in the pumpkin patch

Corn mazes

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to. Festivals! Good times.

Parker will be 1 next week and we’re having a birthday party here, and then there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Rocket’s 3rd birthday. Plenty of events that should keep me active with updates!

Thanks for reading… see you soon!


1 Comment

  1. barry Lide said,

    October 21, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Thanks for all the news. I love hearing everything and seeing the pictures.Love yall.

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