The long awaited “is anyone still here?” post

Where to even start??

First off, we’re slack on this blog. I’ve said it a dozen times – we WANT to be better about updates. We really do. I guess in this era of Facebook and Google, etc… it’s easy to feel like your updates are out there anyway, but the whole idea of this was to have a central place for updates 1) for people who don’t Facebook and 2) that we were in control of – if we wanted to take the site down we could, and we would always have access to the content. So we’re working on it. Even if it’s a little thing like “Brenna just did X” or “Parker just said Y” (she didn’t really say “Y” yet, by the way – we’re still working on words).

Turns out, two kids is more than twice the work of a single child! Who knew? (Well, a lot of you, actually, but thanks for the surprise!) And between the house cleaning, cooking, feeding, bathing, work, and of course the enormous number of festivals and parks visits we like to do, etc.. it’s hard to get motivated to focus on the blog. BUT! You deserve updates, and our children should see these when they’re older.

With any luck, expect more updates. Smaller, simple updates; A photo, a 30 word anecdote, a link to a YouTube video. (OMG FORESHADOWING!)

So what’s been going on for the last few months? Well, funny you should ask!

Parker has been growing at a rapid rate! It’s crazy! She’s gone from lying around to crawling and speeding around the house, and now she’s standing, cruising, and just a week or two short of walking it seems (OR LESS – OMG MORE FORESHADOWING!). Yeah, all that’s happened so quickly.

She’s growing so fast too. She’ll be a year old at the end of this month, but she’s already wearing some 18-month clothes. Of course baby clothes estimates vary wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but still… she’s nearly as tall as Brenna!

I have shoes!

Kickin’ back

Parker on the way to Thom and Rachel’s wedding

Parks had some nasty ear infections recently, and a lot of it was while I was traveling for work. Consequently she began to sleep with Meg in our bed for comfort. Unfortunately it was at an age when she latched onto the idea that this was now her bed. I came home to find myself sleeping on the couch, Parker sleeping in my place in bed, and the crib full of cats. Fortunately after a few months we’ve created a decent system where she tends to fall asleep in our bed for a few minutes and allows herself to be happily moved to her crib where she sleeps all night. Yay!

Brenna loves reading, and absolutely adores daycare, which we call “school.” And school it is! She has homework two nights a week where we reinforce number and letters they work on during the day, and she has her own Tinkerbell folder that she’s very proud of.

We’ve found a few TV shows Brenna likes now too. When we last left off I believe we were still highly into Wonder Pets and a little Dora. We still see some of that, but she’s more interested in Go, Diego, Go and an awesome TV show on PBS called Dinosaur Train. Diego has much better music than Dora and everyone loves Dinosaurs. I have to admit there’s little as adorable as listening to Brenna talk about her T. Rex named “Roar!” and her Apatosaurus named “Stompy.” They’ve made dinosaur fossils out of Play-Dough, and they’re “hatching” a dinosaur in class. It’s really lit her imagination on fire, and it’s just awesome to see.

she really does scream GAMECOCKS! at the TV or at the store.

“My dress is kind of like an art show” – Brenna (actual quote)

Boxes – still the best gift in the world.

Brenna will turn 3 in January, and she doesn’t want you to forget this. Also, it’s nearly “Pumpkin Time!” and “It’s gonna be Halloween!” Our first baby is officially aware of holidays, and gets excited about them. Months ago she told us she was going to be “a ladybug” for Halloween. We expected this to change pretty quickly since from minute to minute Brenna is interested in different things, but she’s stuck to her guns, and we’ve purchased her costume. She’s also informed us that Parker will be a butterfly, daddy will be a pirate, and mommy will be a flower. We’re still working on convincing mommy this is a good idea. Daddy is also considering being a Pandaren, because ninjas are cool, but Tai Chi Pandas are hilariously awesome.

Meg & Travis
We’re busy with work and figuring out how to raise children. We’ve been really enjoying Greek Fest, the Italian Festival and we’re looking forward to all the things to come – birthdays, the Fair, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Nicolas Festival, Christmas, etc… just so much!

We recently were able to go to the PGA at Kiawah Island thanks to my job, which was super-awesome-amazingly-special-keen. We had a great time

Out for a walk on the beach

Having a drink

We also just got back from our first BIG trip with the kids – an eight hour car ride to the Outer Banks, NC for Thom and Rachel’s wedding. It was an absolutely amazing time with incredible friends, great food, tons of laughs and a group of people who just adore kids. And honestly, the kids did pretty darn well in the car. We’ve learned a lot about traveling with them and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Though with the wind blowing it was really hard to get a photo of everyone looking at the camera

Other Things:
I’ve moved where we store our kids videos on Youtube. They’re now all under my account at the following link. (UPDATE – ok, well apparently wordpress is borked with links, so copy/paste this)

Flickr is still updated, though not as regularly as I’d like since most of our photos end up on Google/Facebook due to the convenience of being tied to our phones. But it IS still updated, so keep checking it! (Update – same issue as above)

That’s it for now! Thanks for sticking with us.

We love you,

Travis, Meg, Brenna, and Parker.



  1. barrylide said,

    October 4, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Thanks for this. I have been waiting for some time to receive a new update. Know you are busy, I remember how hectic it was for me, and I did not work full time and only for a few years. You both are great parents– I love you all.

  2. Rod said,

    October 5, 2012 at 1:30 am

    OMG who doesn’t have facebook?

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