A chilling update with a warm and fuzzy ending

So Meg came to me last night as we were about to go to bed and said,

This is exactly how she said it, too. I swear.

and she was right! I bumped up the heat and waited for it to warm up. And waited…. and waited… but wait…

The "heat" coming out is like 60 degrees!

After a while it became clear that our heat was broken. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even turn it off. It just kept blowing. So I did a little trick I learned from back in the day to shut it down and keep it from lowering the temperature even more.

I called two friends and we beat the hell of it.

Meg and the girls and I spent our evening like this.

Only we were inside. And the house isn't as nice.

This was us in the morning.

I asked everyone in my family who to call and the answer came back unanimously: Cassell Brothers.

So I called and they came out today. Turns out my unit is more or less shot. There were two options to fix it, but the best idea was a total replacement.

And this is where it gets serious. I can’t afford an HVAC unit. I certainly can’t afford one now, all of a sudden when that was not at all on my list of things I should be saving for. And I hate asking for help. I really do. But I needed help and I damn well knew it. And I find myself extremely fortunate to have loving parents who can come to my rescue at times like this. I called mom and she encouraged me to get the new unit, and she’d take care of it. I was floored. After getting advice from dad to make sure this seemed like the correct move, we went ahead. Mom drove right over. Wow. Seriously mom and dad – thank you so much.

Cassell Brothers were able to put in my new unit today (the same day I called them, remember), and tonight we have heat! How awesome is that?

This is how we celebrated.

This is exactly what happened, I swear. Also, this is totally really us. I even put a hat on Parker to shield her from the Sun!

Thanks again Mom and Dad.

Thanks Cassell Brothers, who I highly recommend.

Night all!



  1. barry lide said,

    January 16, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Yeah!! Glad you are warm and cozy.Love you all, Mama

  2. Susanna K. said,

    January 16, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    So glad the story has a happy ending! We had to get parental help to replace the heater in our Cola house just before D-Mac was born (the heater didn’t work when it rained), so I understand the imperative to keep the babies warm.

    And, Meg? Love the t-shirt. 😉

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