first post of the new year

Happy New Year!

As always, we promise to be more consistent with our blogging. And more than likely, we’ll break that promise as we have before. But for now….

1) Parker continues to do very well. She did get a double ear-infection at 8 weeks and 4 days, which was kind of scary. Her pediatrician said had she been under 8 weeks we would have had to do far more than just take amoxicillin. I guess they would have done tests and blood work and stuff. I don’t know, but fortunately she’s over that now and will finish up her medicine tomorrow.

She was a solid 10 pounds at her appointment and I suspect she’s up to 11 pounds now.

Parker is very alert, and very strong and much longer than Brenna was at this age. She can just about fill out some of our smaller 6-month outfits and certainly wears them without looking silly. She’s also smiling big and loves to play on her jungle play mat, as Brenna did. I don’t know what kind of research goes into making baby toys, but somebody nailed it with this jungle play mat. Brenna likes to “play” with Parker and lay on the mat with her. It’s pretty adorable.

I love it!

Parker and Brenna


2) We had a great Thanksgiving in the Park again this year – our 6th year. We ended up with more food than ever, and a slightly smaller crowd, but we were able to donate the leftover items to a halfway house, so nothing went to waste. Thank you again to everyone who participated. It is one of my favorite things I do all year, and I know many of you feel the same way.

Setting up the tables and food


3) We had a wonderful pre-Christmas with Nannie and Papa this year, and then headed up to High Point for 4 days. It was really a amazing time full of food, drinks, laughter, kids, toys, and late-night lies and bawdy tales from the adults. Basically everything spending time with loved ones should be.

A little early Christmas at Nannie & Papa's

The girls at Christmas

Brenna doing a little Christmas dance


4) Now it’s a New Year, and Brenna has turned 2! OH MY! We’ll be having a small family get-together this weekend, but Meg and I gave her a big birthday cupcake and candle on the 4th. It was fun… and messy! Plus she’s moved into the “red room” at daycare, where the 2 year-olds go, and she continues to work on potty training, and even spends some time during the day in her big girl underwear (actual underwear! Not just pullups!). Her vocabulary and understanding has really exploded in the last 2 months or so. I think it caught Meg and I a little by surprise in fact! It’s a very exciting time, and a really fun age.

For me?

MmmMmMM! Pedicious! (translation - delicious)

I suppose that just about wraps up this edition of  Haven’t Blogged Since October!  Tune in again soon when I will cover fewer topics, but probably in more detail.

Also, even though we’ve been terribad about updating the blog, my Flickr account is almost always up-to-date, and there’s a link over on the left side.

As always, please remember sometimes random party photos appear in my stream. I promise the babies are rarely there. And when they are, they are kept very safe.

I swear on all that is holy she crawled in here herself

I’ll close with another photo of Parker, because I can.

Sleeping soundly

Oh, and for good measure, he’s a photo of Jack. 🙂

No reason... he's just awesome.

Love you all.


EDITit’s come to my attention that WordPress has started putting ads on my blog. Please understand I have no control over this, and encourage you to upgrade your browser to Firefox or Chrome if you haven’t already, and install an ad-blocker so you never see another ad again here or anywhere else. They’re irritating, intrusive, and unwanted on pages such as this small family blog.


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  1. barry lide said,

    January 5, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    That was awsome!! Look forward to more up-dates. Love those babies. See you Sun. Thanks.

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