Poor sick Brenna

Tuesday night Brenna woke Meg up from about 1 am to 3 am, and I was up from roughly 2:45 am until 4 am. She kept asking for ice cream, and walked around the house. Occasionally she’d ask, “What is that?” “Ohhhh what is that?” but the basic mantra was “I want ice cream.” Finally around 4 she fell back asleep and so did I. Meg and I thought it was very weird behavior and decided we should probably not mention ice cream for a while.

So… keep that in mind.

When you have a child that is as well behaved as Brenna, a few things occur to you:

1) “Man, we’re awesome parents.”
2) “Wait… we’re just fumbling through this like everyone else. We just got lucky, didn’t we?”
3) “Yeah… we’re going to pay for this later, aren’t we?”

The other thing that happens is when Daycare calls and says your child is crying and sick, you take that pretty seriously. Brenna gets ear infections and doesn’t bother to show any symptoms or let us know, so if she’s upset enough to cry, and cries enough that she throws up, there’s definitely something wrong.

We got that call Wednesday afternoon. Brenna was so upset she wouldn’t stop crying and had thrown up twice from it. Oh no! Now, we were already dead tired from the “ice cream” demanding night, and we had also taken Serenity into the shop for her 100k mile check up. Neither of us managed to sneak in a lunch break. We were hungry, tired, and without normal transportation. Kids – how do they time illness so well? So I rushed from work to pick up Meg, rushed to get Brenna and rushed back downtown to the doctor to find out she has Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. The doctor showed me her throat, and it was very red and blistered… and sore… then the realization – “Hey, that’s why she wanted ice cream all night!”

Anyway, the great news is Brenna recovers from illness quickly. After a bad Wednesday and a rough Thursday, today she’s about 90%. We played a bit, and danced a bit. We read a few books and I made her a paper hat she put on all her Sesame Street characters. She demanded to go outside for a few minutes, but she tired quickly. She took a nap and just had lunch, and I’m about to be off to entertain her some more.

Other than that, Meg continues to do well with Thumper. The due date rapidly approaches! Halloween, here we come!

Going outside is important even when sick

captain Grover of the USS Brenna's Bed