Short Update!

Just a very quick note. We started a little potty training last weekend and bought some pull-ups because Brenna’s daycare wanted to start training this week. As of about 5 minutes ago, she just pooped in her potty, and saved her pull-ups! Woohoo!

Who would have thought I’d ever be posting online about anyone’s bowel movements other than my own? It’s a weird world, y’all.

No photo updates for this one…. obviously.



Where my salad at??

Travis won’t get me a Wendy’s apple pecan salad until I update the blog. EVEN THOUGH I AM BUYING. I just wanted to put that out there so everyone knows what I am dealing with sometimes.

So how are things with everyone out there? Good? Good. Things are good here as well. We are just as busy as ever and now we are busy and it is, like, a billion degrees outside. Side note, the AC went out on my car. So did….my car? We just had to have a bunch of work done on it. It was not in great shape. And now we wait for the nice people to tell us how much it will be to get the AC fixed. I am not looking forward to that bill but totally looking forward to AC.

I am doing well, as is Magic Sunshine Pufflelump Baby #2. I have no real exciting news to report on that end. Apparently if you are not pregnant for the first time and having no issues doctors just like you to come say hi to them once a month. Or once every two weeks now. Eeep!. I think that means we are having a kid soon. I should empty out that crib…

What? This looks ready to use?

Travis is happy and is busy at work. At 34 he is plunging into the exciting world of contacts. Partially because he does not want to wear glasses during the Mud Run this Fall. He is not really sure how he feels about them yet. I like him with glasses so I am not sure how I feel about them yet either. It will have to be an update for another day.

Brenna is….boy, is she Brenna. She is as sweet and happy as ever. Oh yeah, and she never really stops talking. She has been making lots of noise for awhile but now you can actually understand her. (and if anyone in my family says her word for bananas is a little off, don’t listen. They are just jealous of her sunny disposition). She is stringing together words now. One of her favorites is “I need help” which could mean ‘Hey lady, get my ball’ or ‘Yo, can’t you see a baby is out of milk over here’ or even ‘I have been in these damn shoes all day- come take them off immediately before I start shrieking and screaming uncontrollably-Or not, it is your call’. Her current favorite pastime is putting things night night. Elmo goes night night. Grover goes night night. Brobee goes night night. Her cup goes night night. The ball goes night night. Her books go night night. The cats…well, she tries to put the cats night night. Aggie and Jack so far have not gone along with her plan. But she does cover everything with a blanket, pat it gently, give it a pacifier, tell it night night, give it a kiss, and say love you. It is awfully adorable. No matter what Jack and Aggie tell you.

Here, have a pacifier. I SAID HAVE THE PACIFIER!

Nevermind, I will take it.

That is all I have for now. Travis should be back any second with my food so I am outta here.


Yay Yogurt!