Oh, the news!

Ok , for those of you not on Facebook and not on Buzz Travis and I are jazzed because we are having another baby. We probably ranted and raved at one point that one kid was enough but Brenna sure is cute and she kind of suckered us into wanting another one.

The discussion about having another baby was long and complicated and really there is a whole story involved -there is a band in it and everything! But that is really a story for another time and I promise to tell it one day. The really short story is that in December we agreed to give this second baby thing a shot, in January I went to the Doctor to get the ‘all clear’, and in February we were pregnant.

Baby #2 should make an arrival somewhere around November 1st. We went in for the big 20 week scan this week. Baby got stamp of approval with all fingers and toes accounted for. AND we are having another girl so we are very excited Brenna will have a little sister to play with. I know how much fun I had (have) tormenting my sister. Plus, it was going to be real awkward to explain to a boy why he had butterfly sheets and a pink bouncer as a baby.

So that is our super big news. Everyone is happy and healthy at our house. Brenna continues to be hilarious. She talks a lot now so this good and bad. She has an awful lot to say for a tiny person. Mostly she is just tells me that she does not like her outfit and would like to wear sparkle pink batman T shirt and also to hand over the watermelon. If not that is fine too but she is putting my shoes in the toilet. She also has learned to put her finger to her lips and say ‘shhh’. She often does this when I am telling her to do something she does not want to do. Yay.

And all the pics are on the other computer so I can’t pull any recent ones. Here is one from the sprinkler ball weekend. See how happy she is?! It is because she got her watermelon.

Watermelon Time