Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s a quick video of Brenna enjoying hers, complete with a giant inflatable beach ball sprinkler! Seriously, who knew that kind of thing existed?



Hey all,

I’m sad to be the bearer of bad news today. Our best dog in the world Ollie has left us to chase rabbits in the sky. He was nearly 14 years old, as happy as a dog can be, incredibly spoiled yet well behaved, and 2½ years ago we hoped to give him another 4-6 months of life when he had cancer. I guess we did quite well. He was, as Meg put it, “The only one in the house everyone got along with.” He had a wonderful, safe, loving life.

Please keep Megan in your thoughts, and happy memories in your mind.

And give your pets a hug. They love you.

And so do we.

She does love bubbles

Brenna loves so many things. Fish, balloons, singing, swinging, reading (well, at least pointing to the things in books). But one of her favorite things in the world is bubbles.. a little video evidence follows.

This is us at home. Daddy playing with his new phone (the camera) and Meg blowing bubbles for Brenna.

And here she got to combine two things she loves – swinging and bubbles being blown by her Nannie. I think it blew her mind a little.

Honestly she kind of reminds me a bit of this, from “Finding Nemo”

Haha… That’s all for now.

Thanks for watching. 🙂

Get to work, Cinderella

Today we learned the value of cheap child labor by putting Brenna to work.

Seriously, if you don’t have kids you should totally get some. Sure was nice sitting down, sipping iced tea in my straw hat instead of sweeping and cleaning.

(disclaimer – we did not actually put Brenna to work, and I do not actually advocate child labor….. yet.)


5:24 a.m. – Brenna rolled out of her new bed.

High five for pillows and blankets on the floor.

Happy Mother’s Day and Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

First off, Happy Mother’s Day!

So, what have we been doing since September? Well, let’s see….

1) Brenna is very mobile, very opinionated, and very funny.
2) Meg and I still work our same jobs and thankfully even still enjoy them!
3) We’ve all had birthdays, Brenna turned 1 on January 4, 2011, I turned 34 on January 26 and Meg turned 34 on April 22.

Over the last 4 or 5 weeks Brenna’s vocabulary and ability to communicate has exploded. She says “hi!” to everything and waves to it. She loves to give kisses or blow kisses to you. She points to things and says “tree,” “cat,” “turtle,” or “bubbles!” (she really loves bubbles, by the way). She will put things around her arm (little bags, a sand pail, etc…) and say “Bye bye!”

Her ability to put concepts together that are not explicitly taught is pretty amazing to watch develop as well. She found a piece of paper or a receipt or something on the floor and tried to give it to me. I told her “That’s trash Brenna. Can you put that in the trash?” and she walked into the kitchen, opened up the trashcan and threw it away. She even wiped her hands together before clapping for herself and running off. I didn’t even know she knew what “trash” was, so I was a little slack-jawed by the whole thing. Nonetheless it taught me a lesson – Brenna knows far more about what’s going on around her than I was giving her credit for.

Time to start watching my language.

Anyway, the most recent development, and by most recent I mean it literally happened about an hour ago, is that we’ve transitioned Brenna from her standard crib to her toddler bed (which means removing the front rail and pondering for 20 minutes how this new rail fits on instead). She was very excited to see it happen, but as I type this, Megan is in her room trying to get her to actually sleep in it while Brenna screams and cries. Brenna does not adapt quickly to change.

Inspecting the toddler rail

[UPDATED: I feel the need to point out that about 15 minutes after getting this posted, Brenna was sound asleep in her bed!)

Anyway, that’s the update! We hope everyone is doing well and wish you all the best.

And because I wasn’t particularly funny in this post, here’s a picture of Jack and Elmo. You know, just because.

I am Jack's cure for ennui

beep… beep… beep… beep

Hi. My name is Travis and I do a bad job keeping blogs updated.

(This is the part where you all go “Hi Travis.”)

I started this with the best intentions – keep everyone informed on our various goings on with one or two updates a week. How hard could that be? Well, as it turns out pretty hard! Time has a way of slipping away occasionally, and when I get a free moment I tend to go immediately to “NAP TIME!” or “Hey, I could actually play a video game. WHEE!”

But enough of that. Let’s get this thing going again. (Pretty sure I’ve said that before, but I really think I might mean it this time)

Howdy folks! Again.