I’m certifiable…

So one of those things every parent faces is the fear of their child choking and not being able to do anything about it. Whether it’s a fear because of a lack of knowledge of what to do, being frozen into inaction, or just Fear in general, I believe every parent feels it at some point. For some it’s a constant worry, and others simply have it creep into their heads when their baby starts eating puffs or Cheerios for the first time. Sure, instinct would kick in, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, how do you know you’re doing it right?

So what do you do? I decided the only logical thing for me to do was face that fear and learn what medical science tells us to do… I took a CPR/AED class.

Pretty much everyone knows what CPR is. 30 compressions on the chest (to Staying Alive or – somewhat ironically – Another One Bites the Dust) and 2 breaths (although I bet within a few years the breaths go away in favor of more compressions), and repeat. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator, and is a pretty awesome and fairly foolproof device. They make different pads for children and adults. You can read about it on the interwebs.

So, work offered to pay for the class and I jumped at the opportunity. I should mention here that I’m also on our Emergency Response Team at work. I’ll be assisting 4 others on my floor in getting people out of the building in case of disaster. I know, I know… it’s like I’m a real adult or something. It’s weird for me, too. But here I am, all grown up and pretending to be totally being responsible.

Anyway class was had, class was passed and I am certified!

You can trust me with kids and drunk people.

Go me!

I highly encourage everyone to take the time to become CPR/AED Certified. It’ll take an afternoon, and it might just save a life one day.


My baby can crawl!!

Ok, ok, OUR baby can crawl.

Just a quick post while Meg gets Brenna’s dinner together. Meg and Brenna had a playdate with one of the moms from daycare and her son today at the Zoo. I had planned to go as well and take lots of photos, but…. well, that’s another story; I didn’t make it and we don’t have photos, but I’m told Brenna liked the giraffes and the fish, but not so much the lions or tigers.

But much like last time Brenna played with this baby outside of daycare and came home and started standing, she came home today bound and determined to crawl. She’s been getting 1-2 “crawls” into it and falling on her face, but about 2 hours ago she got a full-on-several-feet-covered crawl in. And now she’s getting quite good at it. YAY! She’s still working on her coordination and she’s far from an expert, but she’s really starting to “get” it.

They’ve also dropped her crib down at daycare, as we did at home about 3 weeks ago at home, because they found her grabbing onto the railings and trying to pull herself up. It’s odd to hear her cry in her room and walk in to find her not laying on her back or belly but having sat up and moved to the front end of her crib specifically waiting on us. Not long now before she’ll be truly mobile! Hooray! Also, AHHH! Can this really be happening?!?!

Looks like the Ollie couch and Tables o’ Death have to go real soon.

Anyway, that’s the quick update. Brenna finished up half a jar of sweet potatoes and is now snacking on blueberries, cheddar cheese and watermelon. Meg says I should also say that for lunch she had a full jar of spinach and peas, a little bit of grilled pork loin (that I grilled perfectly), bananas and apple puffs.

Yeah… Rocket can eat. And crawl!