Back at it

Ok, it has been awhile. Longer than it should- I get it.  Here is the thing-I am not a writer.  I can barely form complete sentences without spell check and grammar check.  Plus, I really only know how to play video games on the computer.  Travis has requested I quit using ‘CIV IV playing machine’ and use the word ‘computer’ from now on.  I am trying to humor him.

Well, let’s skip over the obligatory ‘blame Travis for not updating’ and move on to the updating!  Brenna is awesome.  She is a sweet, happy, smiley baby and is thrilled to be around almost anyone.  She does great at Day Care.  Her teachers love her (to be fair they love all those babies) and judging by the way that Trey crawls over to her and gnaws on her head I think she is popular with her classmates as well!   They have ‘water play’ during the summer.  Before some of you freak out (they let babies do what???!!) water play is where all the kids don their adorable tiny bathing suits and go sit in kiddie pools.  Brenna is just getting to where she enjoys playing in the water now.  She used to just kind of sit there and stare at you as if to say ‘this is just like what we were doing before but now I am wet’.   They also strongly encourage her artistic ability there.  Mostly it just involves hand and foot print art but it is awfully cute.  Some of my favorites were the footprint penguin, butterfly feet, and she did a stunning rendition of the American Flag using her feet as well.  Clearly I am partial to the foot art.

She is eating food now too. (How did sweet potatoes get on the cat??)  Unfortunately this means she is totally not interested in drinking her meals anymore.  She is a little young to be giving that up so we wage epic battles with the bottles sometimes.  She would prefer that that someone follow her around all day armed and ready with a jar of peas.  Seriously, that kid can put back some peas.  It is a little scary.  If you slow down she will scream, grab the spoon, and shove it her mouth.  She eats pretty much everything (no green beans or prunes) but prefers veggies to fruits.   She has learned what a cup is and squeals and flaps her chubby little baby arms until you share what you are drinking.  I have learned that if I am holding the baby then I should be drinking water instead of tequila or juice or more tequila.  I am pretty sure she really just puts the water in her mouth and then spits it back in my cup.  But she does it with adorable enthusiasm. And hey- who does not love a little pureed squash in their water?  It is the new lemon.  She has also mastered the concept of the sippy cup but needs help holding it.  And if you won’t help her she is not daunted.  She patiently waits for the 2 ice cubes and 2 Tablespoons of water to form condensation and then she licks the outside of the sippy cup.

We called her little baby veal for a long time because all the other babies in her class were moving and rolling and trying to crawl and she lay there on her back and smiled.  Her contentment, I think, kept her from moving.  Contentment sounds better than laziness, right??  But she now rolls from back to front and from front to back.   Sometimes, if you are not keeping a close eye on her,  she just barrel rolls across the room and rolls right into the bookshelf.  Not that something like that happened.  Just trying to be colorful.  Nope. Baby definitely did not roll into the bookshelf.  She is an excellent sitter now as well.  She is now trying to work on getting from sitting to on her belly and from on her belly to sitting.   She also enjoys standing (if you hold her).  My sister was rather concerned that she would have jelly legs for the rest of her life.  In fact she texted me from another state to tell me that she was holding babies much younger than mine and their legs seemed to work and that my baby will probably need intense physical therapy.  I am pretty sure she was kidding.  Anyway, one play date with 2 other babies her age who could stand and she was immediately shamed into it that afternoon.   Anyway, as much as we joke about it she is doing fine.  She actually seems much more advanced in her fine motor skills.

Hmm…what else is she into these days?  She likes it when you act like you are going to drop her.    She likes it when Travis dances and sings with her.  She LOVES it when any animal comes in the room.  Jack enjoys snuggling on the blanket with her.  She enjoys trying/successfully ripping out patches of his fur.

Anyway, to sum up, we are back to posting 🙂



  1. Thom said,

    August 15, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    That baby.. I mean, I don’t know..

    That baby..

    I think she might be some kinda prodigy or something—I’m just sayin’.

  2. barry lide said,

    August 16, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Loved seeing the blog back on, have missed it.I love the way you write and express yourself!!. I agree, Brenna is awsome! Love the picture in the pool.

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