busy busy busy

Brenna is officially cured of her cooties from Easter.  I know this because I sat in a small room painted with slightly scary Crusaders and Knights and heard the doctor tell me so.

Pediatricians Office??

I still think that is a weird way to paint a pediatrician’s office.  But, whatever, he is nice.  I will not judge him and his interior decorating style.

This weekend is the ‘Annual Celebration of our Birth’.  For those of you who don’t know, this is the day that Rod and I gather our friends, grill, and drink.  Brenna will be making her appearance so I hope she has fun.

Next weekend my parents will be visiting so yay for that.  Mom thinks Dad needs a project so she wants me to find something for him to do around the house.  I am not really sure how Dad feels about this yet or if he is even aware.  I wonder if he reads this?? I doubt.  Mom’s secret is still safe.  Which is good.   She could still probably kick my butt.

I don’t have a lot of updates on Brenna.  She is silly and finds dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ endlessly amusing.  Here is a picture of her giving serious thought as to what a stuffed duck is.

Sometimes when things get crazy at work I come to this blog and click on the ‘Splain the Name link at the top and read what Travis wrote.  (you know, back when this was his blog.) It always makes me feel better.  Hope you guys are feeling warm and fuzzy too.



Oh the slackness

When this whole project started I kinda assumed that this would be Travis’s gig.  I mean, there is not a lot he loves more than talking and writing things on the interwebs.  But I think I am starting to realize this might be my gig now.  Sadly, this will only go to show how slack I am to those of you who don’t already know it.

So lets see…where are we at these days??  To start out with Brenna turned 3 months at the beginning of this month.  (yay!)  She has found her hands and has spent a lot of time staring at them fiercely willing them to do her bidding.  It rarely works but she keeps at it.  We celebrated Easter at this house with baby’s first ear infection so that was also big news.   This was followed by Travis and I both becoming sick so it was a big week at our house.  Luckily everyone seems on the mend.  Brenna is still nursing a heck of a cough and Travis is still leaving his neti pot out on the sink but everyone is in a much better mood.

Brenna is still having a hard time with ‘tummy time’.  She used to just do a face plant on the ground and scream.  Now she shows her disdain by immediately going to sleep once you put her on her stomach.  Oh well.  I guess those muscles will be a little slow to develop.  She has perfected her ‘chillin on the couch’ muscles though.

Looks like we have a busy few weeks ahead of us.  We have a big party at Rod’s house to get to next week in celebration of me and Rod’s upcoming birthdays.  It is always a big time.  This year’s theme is military so that should be interesting.  The week after that I think my parents are visiting which is super loud and always fun.

Hypono-Baby says goodbye until next time.  (which, in theory, should be sooner rather than later)