2 months and a few days!

I meant to post earlier but with Brenna going into daycare and me going back to working things have been a little hectic for me.   This will probably be brief- I am tired.  And for the record, these pictures were taken on my phone as I am too lazy to plug in the camera from the trip.  Sorry.  Next time –  new pictures with decent color!

To being with, I am back at work which I am rather excited about.  I hate leaving Brenna but it turns out I missed my job and so many of my co-workers.   It was nice to be back today and start handling all of the concerns and issues of my various clients.   Many have even been so kind as to save issues until I get back to take care of them.  Gee, thanks, guys. 

Going back to work also means that now instead of Travis just helping out with nighttime feedings on the weekend he is now lucky enough to see what is on the internet at 3 am while feeding the baby as well!  Not sure how he felt about his first night of that.  I told him not to worry and that it would get easier.  Hahahahaha. I lied and it was fun!

We had her 2 month check up and that went fine.  She is gaining weight and losing hair and so everyone is pleased.   In fact, the Doctor said not to change anything we are doing again.   She had her 2 month vaccines.  That went poorly in her mind.  I am pretty sure I am going to make Travis take her to get her next set of shots.  I don’t know if I can handle the look of disappointment, shock, and betrayal that babies give when getting all shot up.  And besides, she should start to hate Travis for something too.  It is really the only fair thing to do.

Brenna also had her first road trip this weekend.  Mia and I drove up to High Point to see my folks.  It was awesome-fantastic fun as it always is.  Mom and Dad had a big time with their youngest grandchild and I got to eat shrimp, see Tony, and drink margaritas.  Everyone wins!  Dad did not think it was fair that any one person hog the baby as it so often happens.  My family spends a lot of time in the kitchen talking, cooking, eating, drinking, and mocking.  So he thinks baby should be carefully supervised on the table so everyone gets to play with her.  So that was interesting but I have to admit, if we were all just going to sit around and catch up while sitting at the table it  does  make a certain amount of sense.(Too bad there was no lazy susan…)  The driving part with Brenna was pretty uneventful outside of some very bad things she did to her cookie monster diaper outside of Chester, SC.  By the by- there is an uber fancy McDonalds around there.   You should stop by.