A New and Fantastic Update!!…or just an update

I wrote this days ago in the middle of the night. Forgive the typos and, missing words, and bad grammar.

Again, it has been longer than it should. I blame Travis. Not for any real reason. Just as a general rule.

Well, how are you guys doing? Good? Good. Things are going well here as well. I will start back to work on March first (eek!) so we are working on getting things planned for daycare. The daycare we chose is near the house so that will be convenient for us both. I am looking forward to being back at work and having adult conversations but the thought of not having Brenna with me all day kinda sucks as well. Parents give their children two great gifts—one is roots, the other is wings and they are both equally important. While she is still too young to even start thinking about wings it is always something that we think about when we talk about her going to day care and school. We both feel (Currently- We reserve the right to change our minds) that early social development is important and daycare is going to be the best place for that especially the chances of her having a little brother or sister who is not furry with four legs are slim to none.

Brenna is doing really well. She is smiling and screaming and babbling with delight at things she sees now. Her favorite things that can almost always smile are: the sight of me in the middle of the night completely exhausted, Travis coming home after work, and her jungle animal playmat that plays this terrible music that I hear in my sleep. If I get sleep. Her general attitude and expressions are still rather serious- perhaps one would even say full of doubt. Travis and I don’t take this to mean that she is questioning our skills as parents even though it really looks like she is pretty sure we have no clue what we are doing. She should just eat her chips and salsa and work on her tan like Mommy says (no one likes a pale baby) and leave the parenting to us.

The chips and salsa have been good to her and she is growing like a weed or some other thing that grows a lot. Back hair perhaps? Nah, I will go with a weed- much classier. We are officially finally out of newborn clothes as well as some of the other 0-3 month outfits. Of course, some 0-3 month still fit and some are huge. I wish there was a better system in place and that all the baby clothing CEOs would get together and at least decide if a 3 month old is about 21 inches long or 30 inches long. Oh, and world peace. I always wish for world peace when I am wishing for other things. You know, just in case. I would feel just terrible if I got one wish and I used it on baby clothes standardization. Anyway, she is getting longer and chubbier and her face is changing. If you ask people who she looks like half the people will say she looks like me as a baby and half will say she looks like Travis does now. She is losing all her hair. Maybe that is what is swaying people to say she looks like Travis? (I will probably be in trouble for that one…)

If you check in again soon I will update you on how much Brenna enjoyed getting her 2 month vaccines this week.


One Month!

So…you people want an update, huh? Well, today is officially Brenna’s 1 month birthday. It has been a big month. She celebrated by screaming. A lot. I celebrated by taking her to the Doctor for her check up. All in all it was pretty uneventful. The doctor quoted the movie ‘Roadhouse’ and we had a nice discussion on how there is not much on daytime TV outside of the 2 hour Matlock/In the Heat of the Night block. (Today was one of the black and white flashback episodes where Andy Griffith plays the part of Charlie Matlock, Ben Matlock’s father. Classic Matlock.) Anyway, back to the Doctor visit…He said she was pretty much perfect and he had nothing to say other than to keep doing whatever it is we are doing. So it is good to know that pretending you can’t hear the baby crying and hiding under the bed is not only a viable option but it is recommended. Haha, Mom, I am totally kidding. Mostly.

Brenna has gained 2 pounds in 4 weeks so apparently that is good. She has also grown 1.5 inches in length. She is still pretty small for her age but not so small that it is an issue. I would not hold out any hope for her being a basketball player or anything. She still has all the dark hair she was born with so maybe she will be a brunette yet. We both thought she would have lighter hair than what she was born with. Honestly, if I was not right there I would not think that she would have been my baby with all that dark hair. But unless the Doctor had a second baby up his sleeve like some kind of magic trick (is this your card? Or your baby?) she is definitely ours. It is maybe getting a little lighter. The hair on the back of her head is still dark at this point in the game though.

I think she falls somewhere between an easy baby and a high maintenance baby. She is fantastic and an angel if you hold her all the time. She prefers to sleep while you stay up and hold her instead of sleeping in her crib or bassinet. She is morally opposed to sleeping for more than 3 hours in a row unless she has stayed up screaming for 4 or 5 hours earlier that day. She does eat like a little champ but knowing Travis and me that was never really an issue we were concerned about. And she is finally starting to smile regularly which is great. Her smile is definitely more of a sly grin. She looks like she is up to no good already, and she’s proud of it. (she must get that from Travis- I was such a well behaved child – kind, obedient, and whatever is the opposite of sassy.)

Ok, there are new pictures up on the flickr account, and Travis hasn’t closed access yet. Click away on the flickr link on the right to see all photos, or the ‘More Photos’ link to see a select few.

Well, I should be off. I have not had my lunch yet. And by lunch I mean my 5th cup of coffee. What? Who said that?