Brenna is here!

Ok, so we admit it. We have been slack. To be fair it was the holidays and we were busy. (and some of us were very pregnant and cranky and just did not feel like posting)

That note out of the way we are both very happy to announce that Brenna arrived safe and sound on January 4th, 2010. She was 6 pounds and 7 ounces and 19.5 inches long and has a head full of dark hair. So far she looks like Travis and has my snarky expressions of boredom and disgust.

So when you have the baby these days they don’t really do the ‘nursery’ thing anymore. You pretty much have the baby and then they wash it off for you, weigh it, and then hand it back and say ‘have at it’. (they do come check on you every couple of hours and make sure you have not done anything ridiculous) I think we both liked this new approach. It gave us some quiet time to gawk and admire our daughter. Also, the hospital food was pretty good. In my defense they also did not let me eat or drink for about 28 hours. I think I would have eaten almost anything and thought it was fantastic.

We were at Baptist and I think we both agreed we had some really great nurses and doctors, especially in these days of C-Section happy doctors. Turns out after the baby was born the doctor told us that all signs were pointing to having to have a C-Section, and if we would have asked him 5 hours ago he would have given us an 80-85% chance of one.

She was born on Monday night and on Wednesday, after both Brenna and myself got a clean bill of health, we headed home. We were pretty sure that people were either exaggerating about babies being fussy or that we were parenting geniuses for the first few days. Turns out she was probably still just tired. She has since found her lungs and prefers to exercise them between the hours of midnight and 7 AM.

On Friday we had our first pediatrician appointment. It was really more of a ‘meet and greet’. They did weigh her -she has gained 2 oz since she left the hospital. The doctor basically checked her over and then we spent some time talking about how particularly good looking our baby was. Then he said she looked great healthwise and did not need to see us for another month.

On the main page there is now a ‘Photos!!’ link to click on so that you too can admire our child. It is kinda up there in the top right near the Home page link. You should click on it. Especially since Travis will be locking down flickr soon to friends and family only. He is pretty good about taking pics and updating them.