Confessions of a Private Preggo

We’re glad you’re excited; we’re excited too! But just because someone is pregnant doesnt mean you get to invade their space. If a woman gets implants do you think it’s ok to fondle her breasts?

They are everywhere. No matter where you go these days you see pregnant women and the pregnant belly. That’s actually a something that would have been surprising not too far back in the past. Even as recently as 1960 women, with the full support of their doctors, agreed that pregnancy made them delicate enough to stay at home more often than not, and the recovery from childbirth left a woman hospitalized for weeks after a normal birth requiring loads of people to come over to their houses to take care of things. Today, women are proud to know that pregnancy is just another natural process in their lives and carry on confidently in their careers, housework, and social lives With this public appearance of pregnant women came public opinion on everything in their lives from how they dress, what they eat or drink and how their bellies are growing. The mere presence of a belly gives the false sense of entitlement to people who believe it is ok to touch or rub a pregnant stomach or to ask for details on visits to the doctor (hello? HIPPA??), or offer unsolicited advice, or (and this one is just probably me) insist that they ‘Sit down and relax’ or say ‘Oh my- Don’t carry that bag of marshmallows in your condition! Someone else will do it for you!’, or ‘I think it is time for you to cut back on your work hours.’ Screw you people. I like people not rubbing me, I like carrying marshmallows, I like my job and I am good at it. Trust me, it is just as easy for me to get up from my desk at work and go puke in the bathrooms in the office as it is for me to get my butt up off the couch and go puke in the bathroom at home. (Less cats watching) Plus- they pay me for it! I feel at 32 years old I get to make these kinds of decisions for myself with the help of my doctor. (and no, I am not going to tell you how we come to these decisions- it is private.)

Maybe it is just early yet, maybe I am feeling wrongly empowered. We are very, very excited about this baby. Quite honestly, I am pretty sure that Travis and I, with some standard ‘new parent screwups’, are going to make fantastic parents. I am not yet scared or overwhelmed and maybe I should be. Well, that is not completely true- I can’t work the stroller we got. It kind of overwhelms me. But I feel confident in saying that with a few hours practice a day for the next few months I will be able to get it to fold up the way they say it should. But for now I just walk by and glare at it to make sure it knows who is boss. I think I have broken its spirit.

Anyway, I think this post comes off more like a bitchy rant than what I mean it to be. All I am really trying to say is that everything is great. I am fine, the baby is fine, Travis is fine (and employed!) I am going to break my little doctor rule right here. The doctor says the pregnancy so far is amazingly textbook. All my tests and exams come back right where they should be. If all continues in this manner I will have this kid and be out the door of the hospital and back on my feet in no time. (I mean, not like ‘The Good Earth’ style. Anyone read that book? Man, I loved that book. But you know what I mean)

So that ends my update. Everything is great. Except the cat keeps puking on the dang carpet but that is not really new. And Travis and I are waging a silent and focused war regarding the placement of the bathmat in the bathroom. But I feel confident my tactics will end this battle soon with an assured victory on my end. Also, it is pumpkin coffee season. I hate pumpkin flavored things unless it is pumpkin coffee. I love the pumpkin coffee. And yes, I do get to drink coffee…

Hugs and Ponies!



  1. Travis said,

    September 30, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    rarr! pregnant rage! lol.

    Also regarding the bathmat, my feet get cold. Buy me slippers. Dads wear slippers right?

  2. Angela said,

    September 30, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    Love love love this…

  3. Emily Sutherland said,

    October 3, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Meg- You are dead on the money with this one! Another favorite of mine was how people would always comment on my emotional state- like, “you’re pregnant, that’s why you’re so over emotional” Maybe I’m just pissed at your stupid, invasive questions, you know??? Maybe I don’t feel like discussing breast feeding with a random male co-worker, or I don’t feel like hearing your horrifying birth story.
    Enjoy this pregnancy and the time with Travis. It’s about the three of you- no one else!!!!

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